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Seeking knowledge? I hope these Links will guide you in your search.

Accordion Dreams
(A great documentary about Mexican-Texan accordion-players)

Accordion Heaven
(Links source)

Accordion Links
(Links source)

Accordion USA
(Links source)

Accordions Worldwide Homepage
(Links source)

Arhoolie Records
(Accordion-friendly CDs/Videos: Clifton Chenier and many others)

Beltrami Accordions
(The builder of my newest accordion, Luigina)

Blues International Festival
(The LaBatt's Blues International Festival in Edmonton, Canada)

Cookin' With The Blues
(Yeah, baby)

(Vallenato music)

Dancing Algae
(Alternative health source)

Martin Delabano
(Visual artist)

Blaze Foley
(The late composer of many great songs, including "Ain't Got No Sweet Thing")

Find Of The Day
(Found Magazine's Daily Offering)

Robert Fritz
(Author of "Path Of Least Resistance")

Gruene Hall
(Texas' oldest, and my own favorite, dance hall)

James Hinkle
(Fort Worth guitarist/songwriter)

Hubble Telescope
(Out-of-this-world Images from the Hubble Telescope)

Johnny Hughes
(Joe Ely's first manager, still a gambler and also a writer)

International Accordion Festival
(E-mail me for a list of my favorite San Antonio Mexican restaurants)

Internet Movie Database

Internet Music Database

Jiggernaut Band
(Celtic rock band)

Karlito's Way Accordions
(A Texas accordion dealer specializing in Beltrami accordions)

Kerrville Folk Festival
(One of the biggest and best of all festivals)

KFAN Radio

Shelley King
(Another favorite singer/songwriter)

KOTO Radio Telluride
(Live radio with lots of music)

Freddie "Steady" Krc
(Ex-Squeezetone and composer of two of my most-popular songs)

Robert Liner
(All about horses and riding... and so many good observations)

Loudhouse Records
("We're little, but we're loud")

Rob Mahoney
(Piano Crooner -- Restaurants & Private Parties)

Wes McGhee
(A new web-site and a new CD from one of my best friends in the business)

Frank Marocco
(Excellent jazz accordionist/friend)

Larry Monroe
(Austin's premier dj/musicologist)

Erik Moll
(Norwegian-Texan singer-songwriter/friend)

National Accordion Association
(Formerly Texas Accordion Association, host of the yearly convention in Dallas, highly recommended)

Dan Newton
(All-around good accordion-player/friend)

Petosa Accordion
(Builder of several of my accordions, highly recommended)

Fabrizio Poggi
(Accordionist/friend/leader of Italian band Chicken Mambo)

Dino Saluzzi
(Bandoneon master)

Sam Shepard
(Actor/author who mentioned me in his 1996 novel: "Cruising Paradise")

San Antonio Spurs
(Four-time NBA Champions)
Download a free mp3 Manu Manu!
featuring W.C. Clark, Ernie Durawa and yours truly.

(StarDate's Monthly/Daily Offering)

Terlingua Chili Cook-Off
(The Official One)

Texana Dames
(Three of Texas' most beautiful and talented women; I love them all just like family)

Texas Cooking

Texas Folklife Resources
(Source for info on Texas roots music)

Texas Music Office
(The most comprehensive database concerning Texas music)

Third Coast Accordion Network
(No rules, no dues)

Brian Weiss
(Past lives)

Wendy's Squeezebox Page
(Links Source)

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