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Journal Part 2

Part 2 (1983-1999)

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Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1983
January 1: The Joe Ely Band's New Year's Eve gig at Club Foot turns out to be it's last. At first, it seems unbelievable that such a successful, very popular band, made up of long-time friends, would quit while still in such great demand, both in the US and in Europe.
March 2: Lubbock Funeral and Wake for ROBERT MARQUAM, drummer of the Joe
Ely Band, and, drummer/co-founder of the Squeezetones.
April 29: Fitzgerald's in Houston (with CLIFTON CHENIER):
R.C. BANKS on guitar (his Squeezetones debut)
FRED KRC on drums
June 9: On the downbeat of the Squeezetones' second song on JALAPENO CHARLIE's new outdoor stage, with both John Reed & R. C. Banks on guitars, a power outage occurs. From the very beginning, Ponty believes the blame is his, because the band was too loud. Only later, do we discover that the shut-down affected many counties and was not
caused by the band.
July 31: Zilker Hillside Theater (1st of many)
August 12: Austin Aqua Fest
August 26-27: St. Mary's Bar & Grill in San Antonio (1st of many)
September 6: Dixie's Bar & Bus Stop Videotaping
September 9-10: Antone's (With BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO)

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1984
June 3: The Squeezetones' Kerrville Folk Festival Debut
November 3-December 2: WES McGHEE's Texas Tour:
PONTY BONE on accordion
FRED KRC on drums
BILL AVERBACH on trumpet
ED VIZARD on sax, and, members of Wes' band, including:
PATTY VETTA on vocals
IAN BARTHOLEMEW on vocals and guitar
DERMOT O'CONNOR on vocals and mandolin
November 3: Fitzgerald's in Houston (With DOUG SAHM)
November 9: Liberty Lunch (With the Squeezetones)
November 22: Texas Dancehall in San Antonio
November 23: Continental Club (Recorded) (With the Squeezetones)
November 24: Ernie's Bar in LaPorte (With FRED KRC)
November 25: Flying Circus
November 28: Poor David's Pub in Dallas
November 29: Soap Creek Saloon (Recorded)
December 1: Gruene Hall (With JERRY JEFF WALKER)
December 2: Main Street Saloon in Lubbock (With JESSE 'GUITAR' TAYLOR)

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1985
February 18: Club Lingerie in Hollywood, California (With Dino Lee & The White Trash Review, Opening for Screamin' Jay Hawkins)
March 1: Los Padrinos in San Antonio (1st of many)
May 31: Kerrville Folk Festival (2nd year for the Squeezetones)
July 19-August 1: WES McGHEE's UK Tour:
PONTY BONE on accordion
FRED KRC on drums, with
Patty, Ian, Dermot, & John, plus
AL STEWART on sax and piano
BOB LOVEDAY on fiddle
July 19: Sir George Robey in London
July 20: The Cricketers in London
July 26: The Half Moon in London
July 27: The Mean Fiddler in London
July 29-30: Band On The Wall in Manchester
July 31: The Stars And Stripes in Carlisle
August 1: Wilkie House in Edinburgh, Scotland
November 15: Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos (1st of many)
December 27: The State Theater in Austin (With B.W. STEVENSON and SHIVA'S HEAD BAND)
December 28: The Prophet Bar in Dallas (1st of many)

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1986
April 20-21: Texas Sesquicentennial at San Jacinto Monument
May 27: 1st Day of Recording "Easy As Pie", 1st album for Amazing Records
May 31: Kerrville Folk Festival (3rd year)
July 11-13: 3rd Texas Musician's Fishing Tournament in Port O'Conner
November 18: AUSTIN CITY LIMITS "Squeezebox Special" TV Show

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1987
February 23: The Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas (With ZACHARY RICHARD)
4: Austin's First SXSW: Amazing Showcase at the Flying Circus
April 25: Dos Amigos in Odessa (1st of many)
May 25: Kerrville Folk Festival (4th year)
June 8: 1st Day of Recording "My, My, Look At This", 2nd album for Amazing Records
July 10-12: 4th Texas Musician's Fishing Tournament in Port O'Conner (With AUGIE MEYER)
October 15-19: Isla Mujeres, Mexico International Music Festival
December 12-18: Amazing Records' "Three Bands/One Van" West Coast Tour:
R.C. BANKS, and
Ponty and the Squeezetones
December 12: El Casino Ballroom in Tucson, Arizona
December 14: The Belly Up Tavern in Solano Beach, California
December 15: The Music Machine in Los Angeles
December 16: Handlebars Saloon in Pasadena
December 18: Club Lingerie in Hollywood (With BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO)

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1988
March 3: For the 2nd SXSW, the Squeezetones play the Chronicle After-Hours Party; the Amazing Records Showcase at Antone's; and, Ponty and R.C. provide music for Amazing's Trade Show booth.
April 2: Kerrville Easter Chili Cookoff (1st of many)
April 15: Tipitina's in New Orleans
June 12: Kerrville Folk Festival (5th year)
July 1-2: 5th Texas Musician's Fishing Tournament in Port O'Conner
August 5-20: The Squeezetones' First Canadian Tour:
R.C. BANKS on guitar
FROSTY on drums
August 5-7: The Edmonton Folk Festival
August 10-13: The Sidetrack Cafe in Edmonton
August 14-16: Andante's in Edmonton
August 17-20: Sparky's in Calgary

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1989
March 8: At the 3rd SXSW, we showcase at The Continental Club:
March 25: Kerrville Easter Chili Cookoff (2nd year)
April 28: Enoch's in Shreveport (1st of many)
May 13: Sons of Hermann Hall in Dallas:
D'JALMA GARNIER on guitar (his Squeezetones debut)
June 4: Dos Amigos 1st Annual Crawfish Party in Odessa
July 22: Grizwald's on South 1st Street (1st of many)
August 4-19: The Squeezetones' 2nd Canadian Tour:
August 4-6: Sparky's in Calgary
August 7: Canmore Festival
August 8-9: Saskatoon
August 10: The Media Club in Edmonton
August 11-13: The Edmonton Folk Festival
August 18-19: The Media Club in Edmonton
September 2: Kerrville Music and Wine Festival
November 24-December 3: Our 3rd Canadian Tour:
Texas Wines and Crawfish shipped in and prepared, at each gig, by JAMES HARVEY of Dat' Crawfish, aided by D'Jalma.
November 24: Rocky Mountain House: Private party
November 25: Red Deer: River City Music Party
November 26: Rocky Mountain House: Benefit for St. Matthew's School
November 27-29: Sparky's in Calgary
December 1-3: The Media Club in Edmonton

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1990

March 2-26: The Squeezetones' First European Tour:
D'JALMA GARNIER on guitar and fiddle


March 2-3: The Cruise Cafe in Oslo, Norway
March 6: Club Rackis in Uppsala, Sweden
March 7: Cafe Diva in Tonsberg, Norway
March 8: Cafe Osebro in Porsegrunn, Norway
March 9: Bluesclubb in Trondhjem, Norway
March 10: Notodden, Norway
March 13: Daily News in Fredrikstad, Norway
March 14: The Lace in Horten, Norway
March 16: The Amsterdam Blues Festival in Amsterdam, Holland
March 18-22: U.K. Recording Sessions: At the Back To Mono Studio, WES McGHEE produces 12 tracks, of which only "A Sinful Life" (Written by TimBuk3's PAT MACDONALD) is released; 1st, on "Get Weaving, Volume 1" (1992/U.K.); and 2nd, on "Dig Us On The Road Somewhere" Compilation (1995)
March 23: Breedon Bar in Birmingham, England
March 24: Live on Radio London's MARY COSTELLO Show, and, The Weavers in London
March 25: Music Festival at Cambridge, and, The 100 Club in London
March 26: The Half Moon in Putney, England
April 14: Kerrville Easter Chili Cookoff (3rd year)
May 18: Cibolo Creek Country Club in San Antonio: This place, formerly the Luxello Hall, restored to it's original luster by Tim and Linda Holt, and Denny Johnson. I was a special guest of Jesse Taylor on opening night; then, brought the Squeezetones in the next weekend, for the first of many successful nights.
May 30: Kerrville Folk Festival (6th year)
June 1-2: Billy's in Port Aransas (1st of many)
November 5-17: RONNIE LANE's East Coast Tour:
PONTY BONE on accordion
November 5: Atlanta, Georgia
November 8: Cape Codder's Cafe in New Haven
November 9: The Iron Horse in Northampton (outside Boston)
November 10: Lake Chatawqua (near Buffalo)
November 11: Lone Star Roadhouse in New York City
November 14: The Lounge Axe in Chicago
November 15: The Cabooze in Minneapolis
November 17: Legends in Pittsburgh
November 25: At Gruene Hall, sit-ins include:
SLIM, one of England's best-known accordionists, and FLACO JIMENEZ

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1991
January 4-5: Tommy's in Lubbock (1st of many)
March 30: Kerrville Easter Chili Cookoff (4th year)
June 2: Kerrville Folk Festival (7th year)
July 12-14: Texas Folklife Resources' First Accordion Kings Weekend: I'm the Opening Night Emcee, then, along with the Squeezetones, host the Closing Jam at the Continental Club, featuring both VALERIO LONGERIA and "LITTLE" WILLIE DAVIS, with their bands.
August 31/September 1: Port Aransas Labor Day Music Festival: A Star Route Production with gourmet food prepared by James Harvey and D'Jalma Garnier; and, with guests:
DEBRA PETERS on accordion
R.C. BANKS on keyboards

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1992
April 2: The Squeezetones' Tenth Anniversary at La Zona Rosa: Of the 70 or so former Squeezetones invited, almost 30 show up and perform, an A-list of unusual depth.
April 3:For the 6th SXSW, we're on the Zydeco Showcase at La Zona Rosa
April 17: Bruno's Texas Star in Comfort (1st of many)
April 18: Kerrville Easter Chili Cookoff (5th year)
June 8: I'm in JIMMIE DALE GILMORE's band on NBC's Tonight Show
July 3-25: The Squeezetones' 2nd European (U.K.) Tour, featuring Ponty with the British version of the Squeezetones:
WES McGHEE on guitar
July 3: The Copper in London
July 4: The Weavers in London
July 5: The 100 Club in London
July 10: The Ivory Club in Taunton
July 11: Forest-Of-Dean
July 12: Leeds
July 18: Band On The Wall in Manchester
July 20: The Weavers
July 23: The Weavers
July 25: The Bell in Bicester
August 29: Hill Country Cellar's Annual Grape Stomp (1st of many)
November 5: Kerrville Wine and Music Festival (2nd year)
December 18: The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar: This is the final gig for D'JALMA GARNIER, who leaves his many fans in Austin, to join the great Cajun/Creole group "FILE" in Lafayette, Louisiana, as well as to continue to study Creole violin with his friend and mentor, CANRAY FONTENOT.

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1993
April 1: Austin's City Council declares today "Ponty Bone Day"
April 3: The Three Teardrops Tavern in Dallas (1st of several times)
July 10-18: The Squeezetones' 3rd European (U.K. and France) Tour: Me and the British Squeezetones again, except, Luce replaced by MALCOLM MORTIMORE on drums
July 10: Music Festival in Albi, France
July 13: Hotel Aberdour in Dumfries, Scotland
July 14: The Hot And Jumping Club in Newcastle
July 15: The Sports Club in Ulverstone
July 16: The Bell in Bicester
July 17: Live on Radio London's MARY COSTELLO Show, and, that night in Hasdington, England
July 18: The Weavers in London
October 14-19: Isla Mujeres, Mexico International Music Festival.

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1994
March 2: Benefit for Scott+White Children's Hospital in Temple
April 2-3: The Strand & The (Easter) Bunny Roast in Galveston: SPENCER JARMON on guitar (his Squeezetones debut)
June 10: Kerrville Folk Festival (8th year)
July 23: Barton Springs Diving Championships (1st year)
October 9: The 1st Musicians For MS Benefit: Squeezetones at La Zona Rosa, and
November 3-5: Terlingua Chili Cookoff (our 1st year)

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1995
April 23: Houston International Festival
May 20: Sons of Hermann Hall in Dallas (1st time)
June 11: Chisholm Trail Festival in Lockhart (1st time)
October 8: Gruene Music Festival (1st time), and 2nd M4MS Benefit
November 2-3: Railroad Blues in Alpine (1st time)
November 4: Terlingua Chili Cookoff (2nd year)

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1996
January 9-14: The Keepers Dutch & Belgian Tour:
BRAD BROBISKIE on vocals and guitar
JESSE TAYLOR on guitar
PONTY, plus
RON ERWIN on drums
January 9: Live Radio Performance from Eerbeck, Holland (Brad, Jesse and Ponty only)
January 10: The Manuscript in Oostende, Belgium
January 11: The Metropool in Hengelo, Holland
January 12: in't Babbeltje in Roermond, Holland
January 13: Witte Bal in Assen, Holland
January 14: Live Performance (full band) on Dutch National Radio, and The Lantaarn in Hellendorn, Holland
February 10: Beale Street Zydeco Festival in Memphis
June 16: Kerrville Folk Festival (9th year)
September 7-8: First BUDDY HOLLY Festival in Lubbock:
The Keepers at Stubbs' BarBQ and outdoor stage, and
The Squeezetones at Kyle's 88 Key Cafe



Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1997
May 22: Kerrville Folk Festival (10th year)
October 20: Beginning the recording of "THE BABY DANCE" Soundtrack
Featuring Ponty with:
November 23-30: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico Jazz Festival
December 23: The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar
December 31: Stubb's Barbecue in Lubbock, New Years Eve with The Texas Bel-Airs

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes)1998
January 7: Ponty Bone begins playing Wednesday's at Jovita's
4: Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival
March 22: Sons Of Hermann Hall in Dallas
March 29: Riley's in Midland/2nd Annual Cr
azy Cajun Sunday
April 30: The "All-You-Can-Eat TEXAS MUSIC CAFE" Videotaping in Waco.
This show is available, free, by PBS satellite downlink, weekly.
May 2: Bandera, Texas Annual Crawfish Festival
May 23-24: Spring, Texas Annual Crawfish Festival:
Also featuring:
THE LAFOUCHE CAJUN BAND, from Lockport, Louisiana
THE ZYDECO DOTS, from Houston and many more.
June 12: Begin work on new, untitled CD at Flashpoint Studio:
Ponty with (the currently well-seasoned) Squeezetones:
JUSTIN HESS on drums, and
WASH HAMILTON on bass, with the aid of
EASTSIDE FLASH at the board
Record basic tracks (all previously unreleased originals):
"Baby...You Know"
"Louisiana Lisa"
"Viajero Del Mundo"
"Me, Myself and I"
"1-2-3 Now Fantasize"
"Do What You Do Best"
"Ain't That Lovin'?" (by Spencer)
"I Must Be Dreaming" (by Spencer)
"It's Paid For"
"4 May 1937" (an adaptation), and
"Fine Like Silver" (by Spencer)
June 13: 5th Annual Box Canyon Party at Lake Amistad, Del Rio
June 14: Lockhart Chisholm Trail Festival
July 18: Barton Springs Diving Championships, and, the 2nd Annual Cajun,
Blues & Zydeco Festival at Pleasure Island in Port Arthur:
Also featuring:
BIG IKE, from Lake Charles, Louisiana
WAYNE TOUPS, and more.
August 14: Drag Boat Races at Marble Falls/Friday Night Dance
August 29-30: 8th Annual Hill Country Cellars Winery Grape Stomp
September 3: 3rd Annual Buddy Holly Festival in Lubbock
September 4: Kerrville Wine & Music Festival
October 31: Po-Po's in Welfare, Texas for a Halloween Party
November 13: Lubbock's Godbold Center
November 14: Boots and Saddle Club in Opdyke, Texas
December 22: Armadillo Christmas Bazaar
December 31: New Year's Eve at Jazz on Sixth Street

Pepper.gif (2601 bytes) 1999
January 1: A big year is coming up, and change is in the wind. I look forward, with both optimism and a sense of challenge, to whatever the future holds, don't you? (Such apparent fearlessness is aided by remembering that there isn't any alternative). Our recording project proceeds slowly, but surely. In the meantime, we're, as always, having too much fun to complain about anything. And, before I forget, my thanks to The Austin Chronicle for their great article in their December 4 issue naming me "Mr. South Austin". I'm proud to live in the 78704 Zip Code, and to be associated with so many great artists, both musical and otherwise. You all know who you are. Keep on keepin' on.
February 1: The Hole In The Wall for a Blaze Foley Tribute Night
February 14: Gruene Hall (St. Valentine's Day)
February 15: Midland's The Bar's Lundi Gras Party
February 16: Jazz on 6th Street's Mardi Gras Night Party
February 20: Dos Amigos in Odessa's Annual Crawfish Party
March 3: Jovita's. Tonight, I welcome T.O. Locker, a Colorado singer-songwriter, to the Jovita's stage for an early set at 7pm. T.O. is not only an excellent musician and a long-time friend; he is the actual father of my stepson, Josh.
March 7: Fiesta Gardens for the 21st Annual Austin CROP Walk for Hunger
March 9: Jester Residence Hall at The University of Texas for Cajun Night
March 10: I join Kinky Freidman, Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Robert Earl Keen, Butch Hancock, Marcia Ball and many more at La Zona Rosa for the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch.
March 13: Fredericksburg Jaycees Annual Crawfish Festival
March 27: Samsung Austin for The 5th Annual Rosedale Ride, benefiting AISD's school for children with multiple disabilities.
April 9: Performance and workshop at the Accordion Convention in Dallas
April 18: Woolridge Park, Walk for Safe Families Benefit
April 25: Swamp Romp in Waterloo Park with Buckwheat Zydeco, Beau Jocque and others.
May 1: Pecan Street Festival in Austin and Crawfish Festival in Bandera
May 9: Gruene Hall (Mother's Day)
May 15: Cody Hubach CD Release Party at Giddy-Up's in Manchaca
June 12: Lockhart Chisholm Trail Festival/BarBQ Cook-Off
June 25-26: The Flats Lounge, Port Aransas
June 29: Noontime Concert Series/Downtown at 6th Street and Colorado
July 4: Central Market on N. Lamar for Independence Day Celebration
August 7: Ozona, Texas Davy Crockett Festival
August 28-29: Hill Country Cellars Winery in Cedar Park for the 9th Annual Grape Stomping Competition.
September 2: Boots and Saddle Club in Opdyke, Texas
September 3: Einstein's in Lubbock, Texas during Buddy Holly Week
September 4: Kerrville's 8th Annual Wine and Music Festival at the Quiet Valley Ranch
October 8: Jovita's, celebrating my 60th birthday. I'll never forget that crowd and I especially want to thank Italy's CHICKEN MAMBO, celebrating the release of their new (locally recorded) CD, Lafayette's D'Jalma Garnier and (last-minute surprise,) England's Wes McGhee. As you may know, D'Jalma and I shared the stage from around May, 1989 until December, 1992, both in the Squeezetones, and in his group, D'Jalma's French Band, which also boasted two of Austin's most missed sons, Dan Del Santo and Keith Ferguson; and which played weekly at the old Grizwald's for almost all of those very good years. And, I first met Wes McGhee in the late '70s while touring with Joe Ely in England. We have recorded and toured many times since then and I credit him with bringing forth some of my very best work.
October 18: South Padre Island for Sandcastle Days 1999
December 18: Jovita's with The Keepers Reunion featuring leader/singer/songwriter Brad Brobisky, as well as the one and only Jesse Taylor, plus others who played with us during our approximately four years as The Keepers.
December 23: Armadillo Christmas Bazaar
December 26: Garza Hotel in Post, Texas for Mr. & Mrs. Rex Cash' 50th Anniversary

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