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Part 6 (2009-present))

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January 1: Here are some interesting words the computer just, sorta, threw out, so to speak... interesting... out... accordion...venue... I think it means Do What You Do Best... Responsibly... or something like that. Maybe... Awoke this morning on the Texas Gulf Coast, full of resolutions, which, as I look back, went strangely unperformed. Except for one.
February 1: You know, this Newsletter used to be called the Squeezeagram. This was when The Squeezetones were still considered a new band, way back in the 1980's but, if there are any collectors out there, it's all available, digitally. Just ask me for the Ancient Archives.
February 21: Bear Moon Bakery in Boerne for an annual event, held the Saturday before Mardi Gras, featuring food early, dancing right after. A real "hill-country happening", if I ever saw one.

February 25: The Evangeline Cafe in South Austin for Mardi Gras madness, featuring the great Charles Thibodeaux and the Austin Cajun Aces, and, yours truly. Not - to - mention the food!!!
March 5: Gruene Hall, for my first Trio appearance, featuring Richard Bowden on fiddle, and R.C. Banks on guitar. It is different and good.

Dave AlvinMarch 19: The Continental Club. This set, led by Dave Alvin, is to celebrate the release of a Chris Gaffney Tribute CD, on which I had the honor to play a couple of songs. We nail it. Chris Gaffney, for anyone who didn't know, was one terrific singer and songwriter, with whom I had the pleasure of working many times and who had been a good friend for many years, before his passing on in 2008. I highly recommend the new CD, "The Man Of Somebody's Dreams".
March 25: Waring General Store, near Comfort, on the banks of the Guadelupe River. They want us for their CRAWFUNK Festival next month. Mmm...ok, sounds like it will be right up our alley.
April 1: The Hen House Cafe in Comfort for their big, annual, Crawfish Boil. Good crowd.
April 4: Antone's for Jesse "Guitar" Taylor's Birthday Party. Huge turnout. On-stage and off.
April 14: Texas State University, LBJ Student Center in San Marcos, to hear Ray Wiley Hubbard, Cody Canada and others perform live, with yours truly helping to back them up.
April 18: Manchaca Volunteer Firefighters Pavillion in  Manchaca, for the biggest-ever FIREBALL, with proceeds going, as always, to the Shriner's Burn Institute. This is a crawfish boil, plus there is brisket, sausage, hot dogs and whatever. We don't play until evening, but the fun begins early and we see plenty of old friends there.

April 30: It is Joel Guzman's birthday at Threadgill's South; there are many accordion-players there! Oww...!
May 1: Man, suddenly, I am getting busy, again! I don't know whether to thank the stimulus bill or what! Anyway, my thinking has always been to get it while you can and that seems to be working pretty well for me at this point. I hope that staying busy will continue to allow me to get better at what I do. And, I hope I can just stay busy.
May 2:Horny Toad Harley-Davidson in Temple, rain or shine, for a Crawfish Fest. Lots of cool bikes.
May 21: The Long Center for The Performing Arts, for a CD  Release Party. This is more than a concert, it's a little bit like "An Evening With Myrna", which is also part of the billing. The crowd is enthusiastic and I get to meet, and play music with, Jerry Martini, the sax player who put together the Sly & The Family Stone band. His playing is great, and, also, he turns out to be quite a nice guy. The CD (highly recommended) is "Letting Go" by Myrna Cabello.
May 22: Riley's Tavern in Hunter, where we always sound good.
May 23: Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival, where my band includes, in addition to R.C., Scott and Danny, the lovely Miss Conni Hancock and, the equally lovely, Miss Cindy Cashdollar, two outstanding examples of this Austin scene. And who, by the way, tear it up!
May 24: Gruene Hall near New Braunfels for the King Of Feel-Good Music in his favorite dancehall.
June 13: The Chisholm Trail Festival in Lockhart. This will make the 14th time we have played here. Excellent. Like I said, fourteen...
June 20: Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, and we are helping celebrate the club's 35th Anniversary. And, actually, there is some evidence to suggest that yours truly even played there during their opening months, with Joe Ely. (They tell me I had a wonderful time...)
June 27: Villa's Beer Garden, for a CD Release Party for Joel Guzman and Sarah Fox. Their newest is "Conjuntazzo" and, I  highly recommend you check this CD out. Joel is, actually, awesome, and he and his wife, Sarah, just harmonize like angels.
July 4: Crystal Falls Golf Club in Leander for a big Fourth Of July Celebration. Fireworks in the sky.
July 27: This evening, I cut the index finger on my right hand on a tree limb. I had to go to the emergency room, have 9 stitches and a tetanus shot. I, also, had to cancel a couple of gigs, which really made me think. Anyway, no tendons were damaged and things got back to normal soon.
August 13: Odessa, Texas for a big, Hot Summer Nights Concert at Odessa College. A six-piece band is called for, including George Carver on lap-steel and harp, with Conni Hancock on vocals and guitar. Excellent. Jim Starboard fills in on drums and, as always, brings his A-game.
September 25: Last Chance Chili and BBQ Cook-Off at Leon's Country Store in Rockne. Rockne isn't on most maps; I found it in the Texas Almanac.
September 26: The Uptown Festival in Dallas, at the corner of Fairmount & Cedar Springs. I play next to last, right in between Beto y Los Fairlanes and Brave Combo, a couple of my favorite groups. It is all good. Scott Wade can't make the trip, so, many thanks to Fort Worth's Gunzy Trevino, our drummer for the day.
September 27: KEOS-FM Volunteer Jam at the Hullabaloo Diner in the College Station area, that's Texas A & M country, alma mater of both my youngest daughter, Leah, and, my dad, Ponty, Sr. I feel comfortable here, for some reason.
October 2: I fly to France, arriving the next morning, and immediately get busy. Here is my itenerary:
October 3: Blues Night in Town Hall in LES JUNIES
October 4: La Tanneries, a bar in AGEN

October 9: La Luna Negra in BAYONNE, a wonderful, cave-like, room and, today is actually my birthday, so...  yeah, we tear the place up. My band is, again, Abdell on upright bass, Junior Delmas on drums and "Mr. Tchang" on guitar. Much thanks to them, and to all their families, for allowing them to tour with me. And, for making me feel welcome in their homes.
October 10: The Fairfield Café in TOULOUSE. This place reminds me of the fun Celeste and I had here last year, although this year it is all about me doing what I do best, and I travel alone, except for the band.Paris & Friends
October 17: L'Odéon Theatre, in TREMBLAY EN FRANCE, just outside Paris. Our last night and we leave them with our best show yet. We opened for the legendary John Primer, bluesman deluxe on his own European tour, after many years with Magic Slim and that great band. In the lobby, there is a meet & greet between shows and, guess what? I am beginning to love these French people, as I get to go over there more and more often. They have a lot of soul.
October 18: Back to the U.S.A., one long flight from Paris to Houston and... right back to work. (In this business, one either complains about too much work or too little work...) Given that millions of people would give anything to get to go, I guess I should say that it all went wonderfully well. I met a new promoter or two, a new magazine writer, or two, and, had some excellent gigs. Add to that, a new fan or two, and, it was a huge success!!!
October 22: Guero's Taco Bar
October 23: McAdoo's Seafood Company in New Braunfels.
October 24: The Fredericksburg Wine & Music Festival
Happy 70th!October 25: Gruene Hall and, I must say, what a wonderful birthday party. Shelley King was in the house, as was James Hinkle, from Fort Worth, both of whom "tore it up" with me and the Squeezetones. Lots of other musicians were there, too. Then, after a bunch of good jams, Joe Ely came and, as usual, stole the show, all the while wishing yours truly a happy 70X Around The Sun. So much extra-good music; so many folks and so much cake!!! And ... the presents!!! First and foremost, I hope everyone got to see the "Ponty Bone" neon sign. I hope this because, if you didn't, you probably won't... I have it safely mounted on a wall at home. Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes expressed here and there, and, most especially, to those of you who came out, in person.
November 6: Antone's, where I am one of many special guests at a birthday party for Doug Sahm, who left us just a short ten years ago. What a night! Among those I played, or visited, with, were Augie Meyers, Louis Ortega, Jimmie Vaughan, Lou Ann Barton, Larry Lange, Sarah Brown, De Llewellyn, Shawn Sahm and so many more. By the way, the Doug Sahm tribute CD is called "Keep Your Soul" and, even though I am not on it, it features Delbert, Flaco, Los Lobos, Jimmie Vaughan, Charlie Sexton and many others, and is highly recommended. November 8: Java Jive, a Benefit for the Katherine Anne Porter School in Wimberley, featuring Doyle Bramhall, Van Wilks, Terri Hendrix with Lloyd Maines and, pb and the Squeezetones.
November 20: Central Market
November 27: Billy Ray Mangum's Sleeping Dog Art Studio, in San Marcos, for his annual party, featuring 15 artists or so, with special stuff for Christmas. Billy Ray already said they want the band back for next year, the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. Oww..!
December 3: Austin Bergstrom International Airport, for fliers only, but there are lots of those, especially this time of year, and, sure enough, there is a big crowd. Like almost always, there are one or two who we win over with our music, and who sign up to receive the Newsletter, and/or buy a CD.
December 11: The Evangeline Cafe. I love this place, all the people who work here, the owner and, especially, the food. See you for their next, annual, huge, Mardi Gras party. Oh, yeah, indoors and out.
December 30: The Ponty Bone Trio plays again at Gruene Hall from 1-5 this afternoon. Richard Bowden is back from Africa with tall tales galore; there is a bigger-than-average crowd and we have lots of fun.
December 31: For the first time since I can't remember when, I am off for New Year's Eve. And... I love it! Here is hoping that our country recovers enough of it's economic muscle to once again afford all of us a comfortable living. And me some good-paying work on New Year's Eve. In the meantime, all my thanks to each of you, your families and especially to my own family, for allowing me to say, with pride... I am a musician.


January 1: This year reflects a change in my musical habits. I have (through no fault of my own, I might add...) played with my band, The Squeezetones, a little less and (somewhat...) made up for it by playing more as a duo or trio with other people and even a bit more by playing as a solo performer, both live and in recording sessions. You put it all together and then you call it "a career in music", I always say. My first priority is to continue to make beautiful music and... I still get in a lot of practice, an essential ingredient. Here is the year in review. I consider myself so fortunate to do something I actually practice at, like for fun.
January 15: As I do quite often, I join the R.C. Banks Band, comprised of ex-wife Amy Banks on drums and Mingo Bonecrusher on bass, at The Triple Crown in San Marcos. R.C. has been playing this gig, almost every two weeks, since The Triple Crown first became a bar. (Note: this was back during a whole other century...)
January 28: Gruene Hall with the Ponty Bone Trio. This is a group made up of R.C. Banks on guitar, Richard Bowden on fiddle and me.
January 29: Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos with those mighty Squeezetones.
February 4: The Mule Pub. The following four gigs are all in Ft. Worth and all feature the many fine musicians who make up that scene, one of the best in Texas. Thanks to Gunzy Trevino, James Hinkle and, the great Perry Jones, who kept us late on Sunday night with his blues. Hm, hm, hm.
February 5: Mambo's in Fort Worth
February 6-7: The Keys Lounge in Fort Worth
February 13: C. Hunt's Ice House in North Austin. Back with my Squeezetones: R.C., Danny and Scott for even more fun.
February 16: The Evangeline Cafe for Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) Night
February 20: Guero's Taco Bar
March 7: El Sol Y La Luna Restaurant for a Save The Lake Benefit featuring Sara Hickman and Bill Oliver
March 10: Jovita's for a very Special Birthday Party for Traci Lamar Hancock.
March 11-13: It's time again for the National Accordion Association to host their annual convention in Dallas. For more info, please go to:
March 20: Well, it's official. Yours truly has just been inducted into the Austin Chronicle Hall Of Fame, joining Joe Ely, Doug Sahm and so many others. What, after all, can one say? I am just deeply touched. As one of my songs says: "I hope everybody in here, gets everything they deserve," ... just like I continue to get, I'll add. Thanks to my folks (for so much, but especially for those accordion lessons from age 5 to 12,) to my Celeste (for my wonderful, last 17 years,) to my kids and grandkids (whose Dad &/or Grandad was "on the road" for many years,) and to all my fellow musicians.

March 25: Stephenville for the Cross Timbers Arts Council's Ragin' Cajun Dinner & Dance
March 27: Rosedale Ride at Samsung Computers in North Austin, a tradition that goes "Way Back"
March 27: Central Market
April 11: Giddy-Up's in Manchacha for the Weekend-Long Austin Outhouse Reunion, featuring Butch Hancock, Gurf Morlix, and many more
April 15: Gruene Hall for The Ponty Bone Trio
April 17: Roadhouse Rags in South Austin, Texas. A live music venue + used clothing store. It was a cold night, but the music also included the R. C. Banks Band and it was B.Y.O.B. (Texan for "Bring Your Own Bottle") You know, btw, as I may have mentioned before, I have a negative reaction whenever I see someone use the 2-letter code for the state name, a la the Post Office. For me, as long as I can write it out, I'll continue to write out T-E-X-A-S. All the other states, as well. And, some of them have pretty long names and might even cause you to have to think. Hey, that (come to think about it) is good for you.
April 23: Elgin City Park with Ernie Durawa from the Texas Tornados on drums.
April 28: McAdoo's Restaurant in New Braunfels. These folks always send us home with a little take-out and... it is So Delicious!!!
April 29: KUT-FM along with the fantastic Santiago Jimenez and the, equally, fantastic Joel Guzman and a star-studded band at 2 in the afternoon.
April 30: Threadgill's South for Accordion Mania II featuring Santiago and Joel along with several other outstanding accorion-players. And, it's to celebrate Joel's birthday.
May !: Hills Edge Pub & Grille in Wimberley
May 2: Guero's Taco Bar, rain or shine.
May 8: McAdoo's in New Braunfels
May 19: McAdoo's in New Braunfels
May 30: The Evangeline Cafe for a Texicalli Grill Reunion. Did we have fun celebrating at The Texicalli Grill Reunion, or what??? Me, personally, I played my best. R.C. was hot, both on guitar and singing, Howard Kalish joined us on fiddle, Curtis Clark, or Conni Hancock, played the rubboard, we had the always-excellent (and our number one substitute) Chico Oropeza on drums and Danny Wade on bass. They even had a Texicalli menu with "Dixie Red Hot" sandwiches and "Queso Fries" on it. Man, I really miss that Texicalli lunch menu but, even more, I miss my outspoken friend, Danny Roy Young. He laughed so much, often at himself. For that matter, one also misses Wash Hamilton, Doug Sahm, Jesse Taylor and... so many, many more... The list is long of friends who have already gone ahead. You are all thought about and remembered often.
June 5: Induction of Ponty Bone into the South Texas Walk Of Fame (including installation of a beautiful, tile, star with my name on it) down in Corpus Christi at a ribbon-cutting at 10am. Hey, this is all just a bit much for your accordion-toting buddy. I am so thankful that I am receiving awards... while I am still able to squeeze that box! On this night, btw, we also play the Executive Surf Club, with local hero Spencer Jarmon added to the band. Fellow new honorees include Ray Price, Mike Blakely, Terri Hendrix, Michael O'Connor and Agapito Zuniga (a legendary accordionist who favored the piano-key accordion, unlike most of his contemporaries) join such stars as Selena, Kris Kristofferson, Pozo Seco Singers and Christopher Cross. image
June 10: Hill's Cafe for a Fund-Raiser for Missing Person Julie Ann Gonzalez. Larry Lange & The Lonely Knights are also featured. They are so good!
June 12: The Tornado Gallery in Lubbock for the Annual Birthday Celebration of a true Lubbock hero, Jesse "Guitar" Taylor. The Texana Dames, Mike Pritchard and Patricia Vonne are also featured and it run's way late, like it's supposed to.
June 17: City Park Pavillion in San Marcos for the Summer In The Park Concert Series. This is one of the first outings for the 5-piece Squeezetones, which features Spencer Jarmon on guitar and, fellow San Marcos-resident, R.C. Banks on piano and organ. We rule!
June 25: McAdoo's in New Braunfels
June 27: Gruene Hall near New Braunfels
July 3: Guero's Taco Bar. Despite our having played there many times, this is not "just another night"... Guero's noise permit has been pulled, we hope temporarily, and, in the meantime, there are no amps or speakers allowed. Truly acoustic. Acoustic bass, fiddle, guitar and accordion, no (electrical) help! The crowd had been moved forward from their regular seating at Guero's, which, normally, is back, allowing for a (dusty) dance floor. But, still...
June 9: Giddy-Ups in Manchaca. As I said in my Newsletter, NOTE: The Keepers, Brad Brobisky's band, which features me on accordion and also Spencer Jarmon on guitar (although this band did a brief tour of Holland with Jesse "Guitar" Taylor and me, once upon a time... see January 1996) and others. This is a, not surprisingly, good band, which, I guess explains why we just won't "go away".
June 10: Jovita's, with, again, the 5-piece band.
June 18: A Consciousness-Raiser for Missing Person: Julie Ann Gonzalez at Verde's on Hamilton Pool Road between Highway 71 and Ranch Road 12 . This girl, Julie Ann, is a fan of mine and her life demands an accounting. Her grandfather is an old friend whom I will help as long as I am able.
June 23: The Wildseed Farms near Fredericksburg for their Gourmet Chili Pepper & Salsa Festival, again featuring our (hot by now) 5-piece band. We make lots of new friends here and take home lots of stuff.
August 14: Today, it's Red Deer, Alberta, Canada for the Central Music Festival. The last time I played in Red Deer was when I had Creole fiddler/guitarist/chef D'Jalma Garnier in the band and he, along with promoter James Harvey, cooked up crawfish and gumbo and served up Texas wines there. (see November 1989) It was our 3rd trip to Western Canada. This time, we play great.
August 20: Tonight, we get to open for our good friends, Grammy-winners Brave Combo at Gruene Hall.
August 21: Guero's on South Congress
August 27: GiddyUp's in Manchaca. Yeah, it's me and the 5-piece Squeezetones kicking it.
August 28: Riley's Tavern in Hunter, Texas. This little community is just a few miles down the road from me and... who would have thought they would support two music venues? Yep, they don't have a Post Office or a convenience store but, they do have, both the oldest bar in Texas (Riley's) and, perhaps, one of the newest, The Happy Cow. Anyway, the new one is a pretty standard-looking steel building, known more for it's monthly belt-sander races than anything else.
September 1: OK, this is the month that my friends, the band, Chicken Mambo, comes to the Hill Country from Italy. This is the group which backed me up at the Rendez-Vous Festival in France in 2004 (see: youtube and then go to the one titled "MICIO OF THE ITALIAN LOW LIFE BAND WITH PONTY BONE") and, this is the group who opened for me at my 60th Birthday celebration (See October 1999) at Jovita's. I hope everybody was able to see them at one or the other of their gigs, most of which I joined them for. image

September 11: ∗ The Uptown Marble Theater in Marble Falls for a live recording featuring Chicken Mambo's Fabrizio Poggi, Roberto Re, Stefano Bertolotti and Gianfranco "French" Scala, as well as Flaco Jimenez, Floyd Domino, Tommy Elskes, Debbi Walton, and many more. (∗ denotes a Chicken Mambo gig)
September 12: ∗ Gruene Hall near New Braunfels on a Sunday afternoon. Tracie Ferguson, the long-time booker for Gruene Hall, is a long-time fan of Fabrizio and his band.
September 14: ∗ Antone's, the Home Of The Blues. Ditto for Susan Antone.
September 17: ∗ Mike Blakely's Fandango at Riverside Resort in Canyon Lake
September 18: Guero's with my own band, The Squeezetones.
September 19: ∗ Luckenbach Dance Hall near Fredericksburg, again, for a Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow, Chicken Mambo heads back to Italy with a new recording ready to edit and master.
September 23: ∗ ∗ Zanders House in Plano (∗ ∗ denotes a James Hinkle gig)
September 24: ∗ ∗ Barking Rocks Winery in Granbury. Hey, this was a fun gig and featured some excellent wine!
September 25: ∗ ∗ The Ridglea Jazz Cafe in Fort Worth
September 26: ∗ ∗ The Attic Series House Concerts in Fort Worth. Hinkle and I are seated, telling stories and singing songs in an attic full of people on Fort Worth's Southside on a Sunday afternoon. September 28: Back in Austin, I get to play The Broken Spoke with, among others, accordion and piano-playing Debra Peters and Jay Hudson on steel guitar.
October 1: Man, life is really getting fun. Some of my best playing has always been behind other singers and September was no exception. What with playing 6 gigs around the hill country with the Italian band, Chicken Mambo, and four gigs with my buddy, James Hinkle, up in the D/FW Metroplex. It doesn't get much better than this... By the way, both Chicken Mambo and James Hinkle have new CDs out and would love to hear from you at their websites. Google them; I can personally guarantee you will like their stuff. October 1st falls on a Friday this month and, as luck would have it, we do have a gig at Gruene Hall near New Braunfels that day. This club has been my "home" for many years; those lucky enough to be around New Braunfels that day listen to KNBT 92.1 FM in the afternoon for a quick interview with yours truly.
October 2: Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley. There is a new owner and "different" music is said to be a top priority; hey, that's me...
October 10: Sam's Burger Joint in San Antonio at 4pm Sunday afternoon , celebrating The San Antonio Blues Society's 20th Anniversary.
October 20: McAdoo's in New Braunfels for delicious food and the Ponty Bone Trio.
October 22: The Allgood Cafe in Dallas. It is me and The Squeezetones, R.C. on keys PLUS James Hinkle on guitar and Gunzy Trevino on drums. Small-ish crowd but great music. Dallas. October 29: The Evangeline Cafe
November 6: The Tommy Elskes Duo (with Tommy and myself) opening for... James McMurtry at Gruene Hall
November 9: The Tommy Elskes Duo opening for... Lyle Lovett at Gruene Hall. I have never been treated so well, as part of an opening act. This crew set up special sound for just the two of us, completely. It was set-up and, then, not messed with. Lyle is, it seems, the real deal. Russ Kunkel on drums and Leland Sklar on bass join my old friend, Austin's Mitch Watkins, on guitar and a band of 15 or so awesome players.
November 13: The Happy Cow in Hunter.
November 24: R.C. Banks, our guitar player since the middle of 2007 (and our guitar player from 1983-1989) has a heart attack. The good news is that he is alright now and will be back soon.
November 26: Holiday Art Show & Dance at Sleeping Dog Art Studio near San Marcos, featuring Boy Wells on guitar.
November 27: Guero's Taco Bar, featuring Pat McCann on guitar.
December 1: Gruene Hall for the Ponty Bone Trio, this time Danny Wade on bass, Boy Wells on guitar and me.
December 3: Giddy-Ups in Manchaca for The Keepers.
December 18: The Happy Cow in Hunter.
December 31: Let me say that it has been a lot of fun being me lately and I wish all y'all the very best life has to offer. Have the best New Year you can have from Ponty Bone, another year older... FANTASIZE. By the way, don't forget to support your local scene by buying and giving CDs of your favorite artists as gifts. This is an absolutely fun thing to shop for, I might add. Take your time, think of everybody... Ask where the "local" stuff is and, if they don't have any, get out of there! It's a chain store!!!


January 8: Guero's Taco Bar
January 14: Gruene Hall near New Braunfels
February 1: My new web-master, Rob Mahoney of, has made lots of changes in the way the site works. For one thing, the Journal has been updated for last year. Pictures have even been added and that is all ready for viewing. For another thing, both of the two albums which I originally recorded way back in the 1980's, plus an ep and a 45, all originally on Amazing Records, will be available through the Music page on my web-site. One will be able to go there and download such classics as "Don't Call The Cops" and "Who Is They" for only 99 cents through paypal. Go. Listen to free samples. Buy.
February 11: Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley image
February 24: The Aztec Theatre in San Antonio with Rick Cavender
February 26: C. Hunts Ice House, 9611 McNeil Road, benefiting a good cause, The Escondidos M.C.
March 1: We have the pleasure of being all over the map this next month. Map of Texas, that is. From Stephenville to the north, Kerrville to the west and San Antonio to the south; we are also looking for San Martians sightings at The Happy Cow and South Austin sightings at our old hangout, Guero's. Come one, come all.
March 4: City Limits in Stephenville, Texas for the Ragin' Cajun Dinner & Dance
March 5: Evangeline Cafe
March 8: Inn Of The Hills in Kerrville for a Mardi Gras Celebration (Go to: for info)
March 13: Guero's Taco Bar
March 18: The Happy Cow in Hunter
March 19: Sam's Burger Joint in San Antonio, opening for Marcia Ball & Her Band
March 23: Waring General Store in Waring. Wednesday is Steaknite (Go to: for info)
March 26: Jones Brothers Park in Jonestown for the Jonestown Cajun Cook-Off
April 3: Those who joined us at The Tarpon Ice House down in Port Aransas, for owner Paul Fain's 50th Birthday on the 2nd, found quite a party. For one thing, my old friend, French Smith, (who booked me for everything from Swamp Romp to Pecan Street Festival for at least 30 years) and who now has retired to Port Aransas, is Paul's brother-in-law and with plenty of help from his wife, Tanya, with whom I worked on several charities, the joint was jumping. For another, it was a San Marcos Suns "official" trip. That, alone, made this a huge deal.
April 9: "Crawfunk" at The Waring General Store in Waring
April 16: The Hyatt-Regency Lost Pines at Bastrop
April 29: Giddy-Up's in Manchaca, for a Keepers gig, featuring Spencer Jarmon, me and others.
April 30: The Wimberley Arts Fest in Wimberley, with Butch Hancock.
May 6: Private Performance (see photos).


May 7: Lazy Days Canteen at Roddy Tree Ranch, west of Kerrville. Cabins are available.
May 14: Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley for the annual Crawfish Festival. We were the headliners, but it started at noon with lots of bands.
May 21: Founder's Day in Rockwall, opening for Ray Benson & Asleep At The Wheel
May 22: Guero's Taco Bar
June 1: I'm doing a show with Owen Temple, Hal Ketchum and Kenny Grimes. It is at a place called Sacred Passages, 1218 Oakwood Loop in Wimberley (info online) and includes both some solo, strolling music and then, a little song-swapping on stage. Great time.
June 5: Gruene Hall near New Braunfels
June 9: Summer In The Park Concert Series in San Marcos. This will feature our 5th Squeezetone, the wonderful Spencer Jarmon on guitar, which moves R.C. Banks to keyboards. An excellent addition to the band, which also includes Scott Wade on drums and Danny Wade (no relation) on bass.
June 10: Night In Old Fredericksburg in Fredericksburg
June 18: The Happy Cow in Hunter
June 23: Pine Street Station on the corner of 5th and Waller. This turns out to be an artist's studio, huge and inviting.
July 4: The Tarpon Ice House in Port Aransas.
July 15: Guero's Taco Bar on S. Congress
July 24: Threadgill's WHQ on Riverside, with Karen Tyler, Billy Eli, Rosie Flores and Spencer Thomas.
August 1: My website is still at: but things are always changing. I'm talking about things like the availability of downloading your favorite Ponty Bone tunes and charging it to paypal. By the way, they send me a note, complete with the customer's email address, each time someone buys one and, so far, they have all received a personal word from either myself or the webmaster. Available are alternate takes on two songs ("Texas Jumbo Shrimp" and "Frio City Road") produced by the legendary Lloyd Maines. In addition, there are two other songs ("Don't Call The Cops" and "Who Is They") which never saw digital reissue until now. And, finally, four other tunes which were previously available only on a 45rpm record put out by Amazing back in the 1980s. I recommend you go to my Music page to start downloading. Of course, our latest one, "FANTASIZE" is still available and it is on my Giftshop page, along with hats and tee-shirts.
August 6: Gruene Hall near New Braunfels, opening for the Texas Tornados
August 18: Concert By The Lake in Rockwall. Free. Come by car or boat.
August 26: Gruene Hall near New Braunfels. What a night it was. There was a kid there (about five years old) who played a tiny accordion, and "stole the show", as we say. There was a fully-dressed for their wedding, she dressed in white, he in tuxedo and cowboy hat, Bride and Groom. There were many more. If you want to, you can probably find the pictures.
September 2: The Happy Cow in Hunter
September 4: Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley
September 17: Guero's Taco Bar
October 1: I finally have my new customized Beltrami sounding like a million bucks, thanks to replacing the elaborate set-up (which included five condenser mics, a printed-circuit board, lots of circuitry, a "chip", phantom power, etc.) with a simple acoustic microphone placed amongst the smallest reeds. It sounds so much better! I finally wore out Frenchie, my Petosa, which had been played hard for over 20 years and will now replace her with Luigina, my Beltrami. I hope she lasts as long. By the way I recently went to my official Ponty Bone & The Squeezetones Facebook page. I know many of you use Facebook and probably didn't even know there is an official Ponty Bone & The Squeezetones site. So please go there and press "Like" for me and my band which presently includes me, R.C. Banks on guitar, Danny Wade on bass and, either Scott Wade or Chico Oropeza on drums. (By the way, they both play drums great...)
October 7: Guero's with Bobby Fuentes & The Flames. This is not a Squeezetones gig.
October 9: Gruene Wine & Music Fest in New Braunfels
October 14: Giddy-Ups with The Keepers. This is not a Squeezetones gig.
October15: Fishermens Celebration in Seadrift. Special thanks to solid openers The Jeff Inman Band.
October 16: Giddy-Ups with The Squeezetones, the entire weekend's proceeds to benefit HAAM.
October 22: Guero's. The Trio entertained without drums, thanks to a misunderstanding with the drummer. But, we had a fabulous night anyway, and... we received a $100 tip... indicating that (some of) those who were there had a great time, too. You know a few of our friend's have new CDs recently released. Randy Woodard has a new one out, so does Michael O'Connor. There are plenty to choose from by Larry Lange & His Lonely Knights. Ditto for Augie Meyers and Eric Hisaw. T. Jarrod Bonta also has a new one out. These are guaranteed to make Christmas shopping fun again, as you wind your way through Sundance Record Store (in my case...) or your own favorite music purveyor. Not to mention that we now have with us, a fresh stack of "Conway's Corner" by R.C. Banks, our guitar player and singer, on Loudhouse Records. Order them from me; he'll get the money. Or, see he or I on a break. Also, I will have out, before Christmas, a CD featuring The Willow Creek Project. This was a labor of love done at Firestation Studios in San Marcos. We promise to have another one out real soon, once again featuring the songs of both Barry Brittain and Winston Haun, who handle all the singing, and others... especially Wilbon Davis who contributed many of the songs. I co-produced it and played all over it, along with Lloyd Maines, Terri Hendrix, Paul Glasse, Richard Bowden, Grant Mazak, Aaron Lack, Lauren Rogers, The Ash Family and so many more. The Willow Creek Project is the name of the band; the CD is titled "Stepped In The Rhythm".
November 5: Guero's
November 25: Eye Of The Dog Party in San Marcos. We played this party last year; call 512-754-8171 for directions.
December 3: *Hilltop House Concert in Kerrville. This, and the following six gigs, are with Italian blues man Fabrizio Poggi. Gary Dean is on drums and, on bass or guitar, Donnie Price.
December 4: *Gruene Hall in New Braunfels
December 6: *Lucky Ranch Grill in Lampasas
December 7: *AJ's Ale House in Marble Falls
December 10: *Uptown Marble Arts Theater in Marble Falls
December 11: *Hondo's in Fredericksburg
December 13: *Fabrizio and his wife, Angelina once again return to Italy today and I am back with The Squeezetones.
December 18: Jovita's, for a Benefit for Traci Lamar Hancock (In The Name Of A Dame)
December 22: Guero's Taco Bar. With this gig, I conclude my year and look forward to the next year. I suspect it promises to be a big year for me. Once again, I wish, for family and fans, the best Holiday Season they ever experienced.


January 2: It's me, Ponty Bone again. (HB,J) I want to wish everybody a very Happy New Year and all that jazz. My mother and I used to abbreviate "and all that jazz" to AATJ. Why do I tell you this? Only to call attention to my Mother who was a huge influence over me. She would have been 97 years old by this year. Well, you know the drill by now, first I look back over the Newsletters and then I edit them (using the full calendar, especially as to jobs that never happened, etc...) for the Update on the Journal page. Then I add a few photos... Off we go...
January 5: Austin's Bergstrom International Airport for a few sets. This is not for fans, only those people with a ticket to fly ... that day. This almost always produces a handful of travelers who just happen to be in the bar area (aka "Ray Benson's Roadhouse") of the airport.
January 7: Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley. Randy always enjoys a good crowd with this place and he always causes us to have a good time.
January 11: Guero's for a Live Texas Radio Show inside in the back room with Larry Monroe. (broadcast live on As Larry often says: "Squeeze Alert". It's good to see Mr. Monroe working so hard.
January 12: Los Huesos, anyway, that's just me on accordion with mostly Clemencia Zapata, genius drummer and Bradley Williams, bajo sexto man. Also had Brad Taylor on bass.
January 25: Third time in the studio this month. Excellent one about to drop for The Willow Creek Project. It is called "Stepped In The Rhythm" and features Terri Hendrix, Lloyd Maines, Paul Glasse, Richard Bowden and many more; heck, I'm even (all over) it! Sure wish them luck. I co-produced it with my friend Barry Brittain. He also sang on lots of it, as did our good friend, Winston Haun.
February 2: Jovita's with Bradley Williams, bajo sexto and Clemencia Zapata, drums.
February 15: A.J.'s Ale House in Marble Falls with Debbi Walton on vocals and Donnie Price on bass and guitar.
February 16: Lucky Ranch Grill in Lampasas with Donnie Price on guitar
February 17: Back with The Squeezetones this Friday night at my personal favorite South Austin eatery, The Evangeline Cafe. Come early and eat some of this guy's cooking!
February 18: Barefoot Mardi Gras at the Padre Island Country Club. This turns out to be pretty cool.
February 21: The Y.O. Ranch Hotel & Conference Center in Kerrville for a Mardi Gras party complete with costumes.
March 3: Hanovers in Pflugerville for a Benefit for the Escondidos M. C.
March 4: First Down and Stassney for a Benefit for Paul "Buddha" Mills
March 11: Spent the afternoon at the Scott's ranch east of Dripping Springs. Boy, it's nice out here. The Scott's are my daughter, Samara's, in-laws. Absolutely wonderful people. Tomorrow is my twin's birthdays, Rachel and Samara.
March 18: Guero's for Finale for SXSW. Excellent music, including Spencer Jarmon, and both Zeke Jarmon and Brannan Lane on rub-boards.
March 23: Luensmann's Ice House in New Berlin for a trio appearance with R.C. Banks and Richard Bowden. Man, that is a sweet band.
March 24: Three Dudes Winery in San Marcos for a Crawfish Boil.
March 31: St. Brendan's Catholic Church in Stephenville for the Ragin' Cajun Dinner & Dance. We had a lot of fun at Stephenville with the bunch at Cross-Timbers Fine Arts Council. They say they "can't do it without me..."
April 7: Caliche Reunion at Fischer Hall, a church-like space. I get up and do a few.
April 21: Swamp Romp in Port Aransas at The Tarpon Ice House. This will be a rockin' party, y'all, with everybody there, including an extra 100,000 people for the Sandcastle Contest.
April 26: Guero's Taco Bar.
April 28: Roddy Tree Ranch in Hunt. This is a beautiful space consisting of 19 or 20 cabins over a 50 acre spread. Contact Keith about staying overnite at 830-367-2871.
May 2: Birthday Party for Denise Boudreaux at Jovita's.
May 5: Hondos in Fredericksburg.
May 6: A Free Show sponsored by the Austin Federation Of Musicians. Join us and the always incredible Charles Thibodeaux & The Austin Cajun Aces on the steps of the Bob Bullock Museum today. (Btw, it's National Accordion Day today, as luck would have it...) Charles starts around 6pm and we start around 7pm.
May 12: Guero's Taco Bar.
May 19: Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley for the big Crawfish Boil outside. (Bands all afternoon.)
May 26: Wimberley Glass Works on Ranch Road 12 west of San Marcos. Wow.
May 27: There is a party today out at Linda & Earl's place which will feature Erik Moll, who once lived here but now has returned to Norway to live. An excellent player, he attended Rod Kennedy's International Music festival in Isla Mujes the final year, along with Tish Hinohosa and Christine Albert, 1993.
June 1: For those who haven't heard (yet), the Ponty Bone & The Squeezetones web-site ( ) is where you go to download any one of a number of rare songs, watch a live taping from Gruene Hall or order the Newsletter. The first items (electronic re-masters of our first two Amazing Records releases) are available under "Music", the second being all the way at the bottom and saying "Listen Free". (It actually means "View Free"). (Hint: Much more is available when you search YouTube for Ponty Bone...) The monthly (more or less) Newsletter is available on the website, as is "FANTASIZE", our latest CD.
June 1: Riley's Tavern in Hunter.
June 2: Attended funeral for Doug Davis, another picker gone.
June 9: Guero's in South Austin.
June 12: Attended memorial for Traci Hancock at Shady Springs. Everybody was there; a huge crowd. (Next 4 gigs with James Hinkle...)
June 21: The Basement Bar in Fort Worth
June 22: Pearl's in Dallas went out of business before I could play there.
June 23: The Blue Angel in Azle. The famed Jacksboro Highway.
June 24: The Rio Brazos Music Hall in Granbury
July 1: Hi, everybody. A big birthday for my brother Mike, and we really enjoyed ourselves partying with him and his family, three kids and all, up in the Lake Lewisville area where he lives.
July 5: Ponty with Casper Rawls at the Continental Club.
July 7: Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, my favorite dance hall, featuring Richard Bowden on the fiddle. Free to the public.
July 12: Summer In The Park Concert Series in San Marcos, featuring the five-piece Squeezetones you know and love with R.C. on keys, and Spencer on guitar.
July 14: The Pecan Street Brewing Co. in Johnson City.
July 20: Gueros Taco Bar.
July 21: Torre Di Pietra Winery near Fredericksburg.
July 22: Celeste's Birthday. Nuff said.
July 31: Hey, everybody. Boy, is this fun tonight at The Sahara Lounge with Renato Borghetti (you should definitely look this guy up on YouTube as he is a very renowned accordion player from southern Brazil...) and the Myla Hardie Band. (Look them up, too. They are also from the same place.) It was a Tuesday night. Look for me anywhere... like, I was at a party with Leeann Atherton and her band on Saturday night in San Marcos. After which, several people told me they had never heard any better music. (Look Leeann Atherton up on YouTube, too.)
August 9: So, anyway, this month, we've got a little trip to Allen, north of Dallas, at the library early for a blues concert deluxe planned.
August 11: Jax Neighborhood Cafe, filling in with Woody Price & The Hillbilly Savants, who used my old buddy, Johnny Degollado (and mine) accordions on their new album, "Lil' Shack".
August 24: Riley's Tavern in Hunter.
August 25: Guero's Taco Bar.
August 31: Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley.
September 2: I'm to be part of a star-studded cast at San Marcos' new Texas Music Theater raising money for C.A.S.A. by paying tribute to the Lucky Tomblin Band from 6 until 10pm. (This band, by the way, includes some of my favorite players: John X. Reed, Sarah Brown, Earl Poole Ball and Redd Volkaert and all the rest...) Delbert McClinton, Marcia Ball, Shawn Sahm, Augie Meyers, Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines will also perform, along with many others. I'll be sitting-in with a group; come and see.
September 22: Guero's Taco Bar. Always a good time.
September 23: Jesse "Guitar" Taylor tribute at Evangeline Cafe and it's packed.
October 12-13: This is my week-end long Birthday Party out at Roddy Tree Ranch in Hunt, Texas. Hope to see you there! Party all week-end, enjoy October Hill Country weather and the Guadalupe River! Also call Keith for more info at 830-367-2871.
October 27: Fredericksburg Wine Fest in Fredericksburg. What's not to like? Wine, Dancing and Fun in the Texas Hill Country.
November 1: Forgive me if you've already heard about this but...

"Dinner With Ponty"
Pre-Release CD offering from Ponty Bone

This strictly instrumental album is being produced by popular demand! It features accordion by Ponty Bone, upright bass by David Carroll and drums by Steve Summer. There are songs like "La Vie En Rose" and "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" plus many more classics.
November 4: A benefit for Sylvia Benini from 1-5 in the afternoon. This will feature Sumner Erickson, Dan Cioper, The Keepers, and yours truly. I will be leading an early version of the Squeezetones with John Reed, Mike Robberson on bass and Paul Mills on drums. R.C. Banks will join me, much as he did about 29 years ago, when he replaced John Reed on guitar. A very special visit from Shelley King will top off the afternoon.
November 11: A benefit for Calvin Russell with the Keepers.
November 16: The Austin Fan Fest's Cultural Arts Stage during Austin's first F1 race at the Circuit Of The Americas. For more info, go to:
November 23: The Eye Of The Dog Art Center in San Marcos for their big holiday show. For more info, go to:
November 24: Gueros Taco Bar on S. Congress in Austin.
December 21: Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley.
December 18: A benefit for videographer and music fan (since the beginning) Hank Sinatra at Scholz Beer Garden with the Keepers.
December 23: Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, featuring Larry Eisenberg on piano.

January 1: Hello, new and old Newsletter-Getters alike. Some of you have been with me for years, many are new members. For all of you, let's get on with the Newsletter Update after first wishing everybody a first-rate Happy New Year. Here is where you can see me, your favorite accordion-player, in the first month of 2013. First, I'm going to join my good friend, James Hinkle up in the metroplex for a weekend.
(James Hinkle gigs)
January 11: Oscar's Pub in Fort Worth
January 12: The Allgood Cafe in Dallas
January 13: The Attic Concert Series in Fort Worth. Go to the web-site ( for more info.
(Squeezetone gig)
January 19: Guero's Taco Bar. As my Dad once told me; "Do What You Do Best"
February 1: I'm going to be sitting-in with Woody Price & The Hillbilly Savants at The White Horse on this Friday, the 1st! Like I did on their new CD, which will be released that night.
February 12: Then, on Mardi Gras ( or Fat Tuesday) we'll be in Fredericksburg at the Crossroads Saloon & Steakhouse, a great venue. Go to ( for more info. It's Mardi Gras time; everybody get up and dance!
February 24: Antone's where I get to play with my good friends The Flatlanders. Extremely enjoyable! A benefit for Dale Hood who lost it all in a fire at his house in Wimberley.
March 1: First, I'm playing with Donnie Price this evening in Marble Falls at the RBar. He is not only a good buddy of mine who happens to play bass, but a first-rate guitar player! I mean, he makes that thing talk!
March 5: Zelick's in San Marcos
March 14: Tom's Taboolie
March 17: G & S Lounge
March 23: Rajin' Cajun Dinner-Dance in Stephenville. I know it seems like a long way to go but they say they can't do it without me.
March 28: Guero's Taco Bar
April 2: For those who haven't heard (yet), Ponty Bone & The Squeezetones web-site ( ) is where you go to download any one of a number of rare songs, watch a live taping from Gruene Hall or order the Newsletter. The first items (electronic re-masters of our first two Amazing Records releases, including some left off the "Dig Us On The Road" CD) are available under "Music", the second being all the way at the bottom and saying "Listen Free". (It actually means "View Free"). (Hint: Much more is available when you search YouTube for Ponty Bone...) The monthly (more or less) Newsletter is available on the website, as is "FANTASIZE", our latest CD. As is "Dinner With Ponty" (check out their web-site at for more info) my first new CD in many years. This strictly instrumental album is being produced by popular demand! It features accordion by Ponty Bone, upright bass by David Carroll and drums by Steve Summer. There are songs like "La Vie En Rose" and "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" plus many more classics. Please try to come out and see us; you'll be glad you did.
April 4: Austin Bergstrom International Airport. "Come fly with me..."
April 5: Riley's Tavern in Hunter. It's a Crawfish Boil.
April 6: The RBar in Marble Falls (me only). Another Crawfish Boil.
April 7: Giddy-Ups in Manchaca (Keepers gig, R.C. Banks gig) A benefit for Rich Minus.
April 19: A party for Freddie Krc, an ex-drummer of mine.
April 27: Wimberley Arts Fest Go to the web-site ( for more info. It's going to be at Blue Hole this year!
April 27: Later, Roddy Tree Ranch in Hunt. Go to the web-site ( for more info. Come see us!!!
April 28: A tribute to Jesse Taylor at the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture.
May 4: The Hill Country Motorcycle Run in beautiful downtown Luckenbach.
May 5: Gruene Hall in New Braunfels. My favorite dance-hall in Texas!
May 10: Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley. Always lots of fun. Be there!
May 18: A wedding featuring yours truly on accordion and Brannen Lane on rubboard.
May 18: Blanco Riverside Bar in Blanco. A new venue for us. They really treated us well.
May 22: Austin Bergstrom International Airport. For those who happen to be flying that day, we're in the Ray Benson theater.
June 1: The Weiner Fest at Paleface Park. This will be open to the public although you'll have to pay as you get in. Man, what a week! Oklahoma is all over the news where countless people lost their lives in tornadoes, as is Houston where firefighters lost their lives. Let's pray for those whose lives were lost as well as people whose homes were destroyed. Oh, yeah, and don't forget my hometown of San Antonio, ravaged by floods. Don't forget my huge Birthday party at Roddy Tree Ranch in Hunt (Oct. 5). Bigger than big. Then Gef Bruce' (he used to be our manager, back when we had a band called New Moan. Hey, Birthday Party in Tucson, Arizona in the first weekend of November. Details will be announced soon.
June 13: Summer In The Park Concert in San Marcos. We will have Larry Eisenberg on piano for this one, which is special! June 21: Guero's Taco Bar. Always fun under the giant oak trees. Featuring the Squeezetones!
June 30: Sam's Burger Joint in San Antonio for the Blues Jam. This one will feature all the Squeezetones, R.C., Danny & Chico + jammers!
July 13: RC and I will be going to the Jesse Fest in Lubbock, Texas. There, we'll pay tribute to the guy who made the "Guitar" a part of his name, as in Jesse "Guitar" Taylor, along with Kent Mings and the rest of that fine band, The Texas Belairs. At the Tornado Gallery.
Come be with us in Lubbock, Texas for a tribute to Jesse. He'll be inducted to the Walk Of Fame.
July 18: CD Release Party for "Dinner With Ponty" at Guero's Taco Bar. Featuring Stephen Summer, (drums) and David Carroll, (bass) in the first set; RC Banks, (guitar) Chico Oropeza, (drums) and Danny Wade, (bass) on the second and third.
August 1: The Dog Days of Summer are here and PB and company are taking a shady siesta! We'll miss seeing you in August but looking ahead to September, we hope to see you at a Cypress Creek gig, and a Guero's. Really enjoyed myself recently at a gig for Will Indian at the Saxon Pub. Saw at least a million friends there, including Will Indian (himself), Jim Yanaway, Larry Eisenberg, Curtis Clarke, Rodney Craig, Speedy Sparks, John X. Reed, James Hand, Brannan Lane, Brad Brobiskie, Howard Kalish, Melvin Berry, Joe Ables, Sylvia Benini, Chris Beggs, Larry Lange, Bill O'Dowd, Connie Hancock and a few that I have forgot. Some have CDs available and all would make excellent Christmas gifts! Don't forget my own new "Dinner With Ponty" CD, featuring David Carroll and Stephen Summer, available through my web-site: .
September 2: We're doing a Gruene Hall show, on Labor Day and that's this coming Monday, the 2nd of September. It's from 6-10pm, y'all and we'd sure like to see lots of you folks out there for that one. It'll be real cool, and I'm not talking about the temperature. But first, we got to tell you about our show next month (October) down at Roddy Tree Ranch for all of our Libra friend's birthday! Y'all know who you are and... my own (#74) is on the 9th! Special prices are available for cabins on the ranch. Be there or be square. Sure to come are many new people from the very successful Car Show that was put on in August by the Roddy Tree Ranch folks.
September 2: Gruene Hall in New Braunfels September 7: Cypress Creek Cafe.
September 19: Guero's Taco Bar / 6:30pm
October 5: Well, the first thing to tell y'all about is my upcoming Birthday Celebration at The Roddy Tree Ranch in Ingram, Texas on the banks of the Beautiful Guadelupe River this coming Saturday, the 5th of October. This is big number 74 for me and should be a lot of fun. Go to: for special deals on cabins; as well as canoes and swimming pools galore. You'll like Keith, our host, I guarantee it.
October 11: Guero's Taco Bar.
October 20: Gruene Hall in New Braunfels.
(James Hinkle gigs)
October 24: White Elephant Saloon in Ft. Worth.
October 25: Fred's Cafe in Ft. Worth.
October 26: The All Good Cafe in Dallas.
November 1: I am about to fly to Tucson, Arizona with my trusty accordion.
November 3: I just returned from a 3-day visit to a good friend of mine's 75th Birthday Party (actually, the early New Moan Hey's manager in the 60's) in Tucson, Arizona and I'm real high on Heather Hardy (Lil Mama), an electric violin player who I had the pleasure of jamming with while there. (You can check her out on" target="_new" /> in the meantime...) She is one heck of a fiddle-player, y'all. But, we got gigs to talk about and they are all this next week-end!
November 9: Guero's Taco Bar. Much thanks to my old buddies, Rob & Cathy Lippincott, as well as Bobby Fuentes, who books the joint, for continuing to step up to the plate and give me work...
November 10: Giddy-Up's in Manchaca Grand Re-Opening, 8 with the Keepers; 9 with the Squeezetones. Y'all come. Check back with me on Heather Hardy. She's BAD!
December 1: Man! Last night I played with Bobby Mack and today with Casper Rawls. Some guys get all the luck! Anyway next I'm playing with the Squeezetones again: RC, Chico and Danny. Read all about it.
December 7: Cypress Creek Cafe' in Wimberley.
December 15: Budafest.
December 28: Guero's. No New Years Eve gig again this year but I'm not real saddened by it; best to leave the fireworks to somebody else.

January 3: Janet Jewel Wedding at Zilker Club House
January 16: Guero's Taco Bar. Our last time under the big oak trees.
January 18: Party for Eve McArthur on Sixth Street. Had a good time both hearing all the musician's who had come out and being with Butch Hancock and his son, Rory. He's real good, for his age. Real young.
February 6: Lakeway Concert
February 22: Ragin' Cajun Fundraiser in Stephenvile for Cross-Timber Arts Council
February 23: The Saxon Pub for a benefit for Will Indian. I saw a lot of people who I knew.
February 28:The Elk's Lodge in New Braunfels. Lot's of dancing.
March 1:William Miller/Melanie Alfonso Wedding in Nacogdoches
March 4: Mardi Gras in Port Aransas at Giggety's
March 6: I'll be doing a duo with Donnie Price at the Inwood Estates Winery in Fredericksburg.
March 7: Scott Wade of Dirty Car Art will be exhibiting his art at Nichol's Tire in San Marcos. I'll be there.
March 9: Services for Mark Ely who "roadied" for the Ely Band back in the day.
March 12: Tribute for Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle writer.
March 13: Round Rock Concert.
March 14: Midway Park for a NotSXSW event.
March 15: Party at Larry Woods, including both Jame Hinkle and Bobby Mack.
March 21: Went to the Tommy Hancock movie.
March 22: Zelick's in San Marcos for a Benefit
March 28: Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley. You know, a friend of mine is coming out with a new CD, which I recommend highly. The talented Shelley King has "Building A Fire"... which will make a nice Christmas present. Just saying.
March 29: Party for Jane Sofia at Condo #5.
April 5:Junction Texas for a party at City Park. It was extra good, including our old friends, Henry and Faye Holmes, who came down from Iraan to see us.
April 12: Trio with R.C. Banks & Danny Wade at The Buzz Mill
April 12: Squeezebox Mania at Threadgill's South with both Steve Riley & his Mamou Playboys and Joel Guzman and Los Aztex. Complete with accompanying radio shows to pump up the action. (Tune in KGSR, Sunday, the 6th, KOOP, Wednesday, the 9th and KUTX, Thursday, the 10th...)
April 19: Round Rock Outlet Malls. We didn't get paid for this one until (too) much later.
April 24: Annual Party for Dynamic Systems at Zilker Club House.
April 26: Duo with Donnie Price at R-Bar in Marble Falls
May 1: Licha Restaurant (I'll be playing with Woody Price and the Hillbilly Savants)
May 2: Riley's at Hunter, Texas' oldest bar
May 17: Poco Playa Restaurant in Matagorda. Come early-stay late... two shows- 1st at 3, 2nd at 9.
May 18: Memorial for Kathy Taylor.
May 24: Party at Lucky Tomblin's house.
May 31: 40th Annual Weiner Fest in Pace Bend Park. I'll be playing in a trio with RC Banks on guitar and Richard Bowden on fiddle.
June 12: Summer In The Park in San Marcos The next two gigs, I'll be playing with James Hinkle... Always a pleasure...
June 19: The Common Table in Dallas
June 20: Fred's Cafe in Fort Worth
June 22: Party in Fredericksburg
June 29: Party in Fischer
July 5: Gruene Hall (Opening for The Texas Tornados) OK, those paying attention were aware of my cancelling the Texas Tornados show, due to my hand swelling and making it impossible to play (The good news is I was able to play a week later at Cypress Creek Cafe...)
July 12: Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley
July 24: Summer In The Park Concert Series (with The Willow Creek Project). The WCP is a group that has been meeting every Monday through the years and it is made up of the old Grant Mazak Band, which includes Barry Brittain and Winston Haun as well as Grant Mazak with the addition of Scott Wade, Danny Wade and Lauren Rogers Lind on vocals and Richard Bowden on fiddle. The group has two albums out (available at the park) and the songwriter is Wilbon Davis (with two songs contributed by yours truly).

August 1:The first thing in August is an appearance with the great Ernie Durawa (of the Texas Tornados and many other great bands) this Tuesday, August 5th at Strange Brew. Second is a Gruene Hall appearance from 5-9pm on August 17th and the last thing is (outside of a Birthday party for Eunice Koontze, who is turning a "ripe old age")(!), we're closing the show at The Kerrville Folk Festival, approximately 9pm on August 29th. First, let me tell you about Freddie Krc's latest, which I heard the other day at the Union offices in Freddie's van. It will be out in August and I recommend it highly, featuring Mike Mordecai, John Mills and Ted Roddy. It's extremely radio-ready and Freddie is an ex-drummer for the Squeezetones who I can't say enough about. Not to mention, he's head of the Musician's Union..
August 5: Strange Brew
August 9: Hondo's in Fredericksburg
August 17: Gruene Hall in New Braunfels
August 29: Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville. Man, we had fun at the Kerrville Folk Festival! Everything went great. The Libra Celebration is scheduled for October 4th at Roddy Tree Ranch, for those who opt for hill-country excellence. complete with staying at Keith Asbury's over the week-end. And the Gruene Hall Blow-Out is scheduled for October 26th, for those who just want a Sunday afternoon at the oldest dance-hall in Texas! Please come to both. The picture is of you celebrating with me at either or both place.
September 20: Downtown Square in Lockhart. It was fun doing a gig in Lockhart. Beautiful downtown square.
September 23: / H.A.A.M. Benefit at Whole Foods (9607 Research) This is the month I celebrate my birthday!!! First date for Libras is Oct. 4th at Roddy Tree Ranch in Hunt, Texas on the banks of the beautiful Guadelupe River (I mean right on the banks...) Folks are encouraged to make a week-end of it at Roddy Tree. Call Keith for special deals on rooms. (Actually, small houses...) The second will be my 75th Birthday at Gruene Hall on the 26th. Oh, I'll be playing the San Marcos Public Library as part of The Willow Creek Project on the 8th, as well as the Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley, Texas on the 18th, a benefit for Don Wallace on the 19th (at The Painted Pony Pavilion in Kyle, Texas) and the 25th, I'll be sitting-in with Mark Jungers at Martindale, Texas for a couple of songs at the Dam Chili Cook-Off.
October 4: Roddy Tree Ranch in Hunt, Texas
October 18: Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley, Texas
October 26: Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Texas We had a lovely time at the Libra Celebration at The Roddy Tree Ranch and the 75X Around The Sun Birthday Party at Gruene Hall. Onward and upward, as an artist friend of mine said, onward and upward. Each Monday, you're invited out from 6-10 for Warren Hood (fiddle-playing son of Champ Hood) and the Champeens. (see for details) Then, come see us: My old pal, Freddie Steady, my old friend, Wes McGhee, and my good friend, R. C. Banks - just passing the guitar around, (although, in one case, it'll be an accordion...). Be at The Sahara Lounge 8-10 on Wednesday, the 5th. Or see me and the band, including Mr. Danny Wade on bass and Mr. Chico Oropeza on drums, 9pm-1am at Cheatham Street Warehouse on Saturday, the 15th. There, I've already done it. That is, let the cat out of the bag.
December 20: Hondo's in Fredericksburg
December 31: Giggity's in Port Aransas. Dang, those people had fun...

January 17: Gruene Hall with The Squeezetones
January 18: Cheatham Street Warehouse with Willow Creek Project
January 22: Noon gig at Lakeway with The Squeezetones
February 7: Cheatham Street Warehouse with The Squeezetones
February 17: Port Aransas at Giggitys for Mardi Gras with The Squeezetones

Actually, after all that where cancelled. At least we went out on Mardi Gras. After that, coming out of the club, I fell, and it turns out, it was a sign. Open-heart surgery. It turned out alright, though. I survived the surgery. Had a gig for this Tuesday at Giggitys in Port A. for Mardi Gras and I had to cancel it. First, our fine drummer, Chico Oropeza has got to go and be a bureaucrat for a day, in return he'll get to serve Ice drinks the rest of the year. Then, our guitar-player had some heath issues, which he couldn't put off. So... I had to cancel, although there has been almost no change in my ability to play the accordion or remember the words to the songs. Who would have thought this would happen to me? There has been one element missing. I think maybe I've had a stroke, and Nancy out at Giddy-Ups told me it would be a year and a half! Anyway, I plan to come back soon. The part that's missing is y'allÉ


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